Business Email vs-x

Who is this service for?

Suitable for 1 to 35 person small businesses.

Online business: Ebay sellers, qoo10 sellers, online food deliveries, online toy rental, courier companies,

Food & Beverage: hawkers, coffeeshops, food court stalls, restaurants, food courts, fast food, coffee house, cake and bread shops, pubs, KTV lounges,

Retail: Parsar malam stalls, flower shops, fruit shops, market sundry stalls, spas, gym, electrical goods shop, mobile phone shops, provision shops, supermarkets, sports shops, nail spas, massage spas, spectacles shops, movie dvd shops, toiletries shops, aromatherapy shops, fashion shops, shoe shops, hair salons, photocopy shops, kiosk, wedding photo shop, wedding makeup shops, pet shops, furniture shops, toy shops, pet hotels, pet spa, pet shops, bicycle rental shps, indoor playgrounds, small hardware shops, Second hand branded bags companies,

Transportation: school bus companies, worker transport companies, taxi drivers, chaffeurs, bus drivers, van drivers, lorry drivers,

Home/Office: Home offices, electrical repair, sanitary repair, locksmith, office / house cleaners, aircon repair, office / house movers, job agencies, manpower companies,renovation contractors,window repair,courier companies,

Agents: Insurance agents, travel agents, property agents, office rental agents, house rental agents, maid agents,tuition agents,estate management agents, marketing agents,

Business consultants: Accountants, marketing, sales, human resource, logistics, auditor, events companies,

Instructors / Trainers / Coaches: Dance instructors, yoga instructors, pilates instructors, zumba instructors, gymnastics instructors,rollerblade instructors,guitar instructors, piano instructors, singing instructors, driving instructors, tennis coaches, badminton coaches, table tennis coaches, basketball coaches, soccer coaches, qigong instructors, tachi instructors, gym instructors, judo instructors, taekwondo instructors, aikido instructors, karate instructors, equestrian instructors, swimming instructors, etc

Medical: Doctors, TCM physicians, nurses, physiotherapist, dentist, specialist, vets, chiropractors, accupunture physician, etc

Skilled professionals: Hairdressers,beauticians,soccer referees, nannies, gardeners,fashion designers,mc host, tour guides, tailor,tuition teachersdebt collectors, photographers, interior designers, architects, quantity surveyors, crane operators, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil & structural contractors, plumbers, carpenters, fengshui teachers, landscape designers, draughsman, wedding planners, geomancers,courier, odd job worker, freelancers, shoe repairman, magicians, actors / actresses, drama artist, singers, dancers, deejays, bartenders, waiters, cooks, chefs, accountants, salesman, construction contractors, contruction consultants, career consultants, administrators, etc

Others: Churches, temples, mosques, clans, non govermental organisations, societies, clubs, studios, art companies, drama companies, farms, volunteer organisations, childcare centres, home-based businesses, security guard companies, exhibitions organisers, art gallery, drama companies, printing companies, etc.